Over the last 7 years I have encountered some common themes in the questions people have as they consider working with a coach or external consultant.  This is a summary of those common conversations.

How do I know I need to coach with you?

Because whatever you’ve been doing isn’t working for some reason.  You are a pretty powerful person otherwise: you can get stuff done, you have achieved success in your life, you are capable in many areas.  But that thing you keep wanting, isn’t happening.  You deserve my help with that.  I’ll help you find fresh perspective, help with the action plan and help clear the stuff blocking you.

Sure, but there are a ton of Life Coaches out there, why you?

Because you are ready for uncommon sense. You are ready to do something dangerous – to step into the danger zone of your own life.  It is the forbidden dreams territory where you will conquer limiting ideas that keep you out of that No Limits Life Zone.  I have been there.  I was also stuck in “supposed to” and I got out.  I have used or heard every reason to stay away from that idea of “more” in life and I know you can move past them.

What is your pedigree – are you really qualified?

Yes.  You can read my bio, but here is a short list of qualifications: Doctor of Executive Leadership student,  BS Criminology, MBA, Bronze Star Military Veteran, Corporate Veteran, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritual Healer, Positive Psychology Certificate Holder, Certified Personal and Executive Coach, 5 time entrepreneur, Single Mother…You want to know more?  Please complete my contact form with your specific question.  Oh, and I do adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.

Alright, you are qualified but can’t I just do this on my own?

Maybe.  In fact, you probably can with some reading, research and commitment.  But will you?  If you would, wouldn’t you have already done it?  Again, see my answer to number 1.  Often, we need that external perspective to get us to that next level of living.  We need someone to be on our side as we tackle the tough decisions and move beyond good enough.   I am passionate about partnering with you to find that lifestyle success you want.  Not just a good job or a nice relationship – you deserve your optimal life.  If you aren’t living it now, I will help you see what is stopping you.

Maybe I do need this, can I afford it?

I don’t know.  That is for you to decide.  I do charge for my expertise.  I charge for my time, the exercises I have developed for you, the experience I have gained, the training I have undergone to be able to serve you in the highest possible energy.  I have personally invested thousands in achieving professional training and growth and thousands more in my own personal development (and continue to invest in both).  These weave together to bring you a powerful combination in your coaching experience.

How do we meet?

We meet over the phone or video call.  I can skype or zoom, or we can use my conference call line.  This eliminates travel time and you can meet from wherever you are! It also makes timing much more flexible, if a 5am session is most productive for you or a late night time works best, we can coordinate with what works best for you.