No Limits Life Empowerment Institute is focused on creating the environment you crave.  Optimal living, improved work atmosphere, professional and personal balance and a genuine excitement to be on the path you are on.

Our Story

I became a coach because I enjoy helping people create awesome lives. In 2012 I knew what I wanted to do after years of soul searching and took the leap into serving others as a full time life coach.  Personal coaching was the entry point and slowly I engaged my business and leadership background to work with small business and then corporate clients as as consultant and trainer. Today I enjoy the balance of work with individuals seeking a life they love and businesses seeking to continuously improve their social capital.

Meet Jennifer

I am an adventurer and love a challenge! And I want to know you if you are ready to love your life.



I'm certified and educated: certified personal and executive coach, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister, MBA, and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Executive Leadership.


Soccer Mom

I am a soccer mom: My son plays competitive soccer. We soccer a lot. I think I bleed black and white. It's awesome. I hate mini-vans - I'll never go that far. Nor will I wear anything sparkly on my butt. But yoga pants and messy buns rock.


Healthy Living

I'm a Healthy Living Advocate: eat right and drink water. I love Kombucha and eat ruthlessly organically; unless you are a donut, then it's game on!



I get it hot: I am a lampworker. Our studio is packed up right now, but look for more in the next 6 months. We are gonna throw down.



I published a book: it is called The Art of Living Dangerously, The rebels guide to thriving in a world that expects you to conform. Find it on Amazon. Buy it, love it, leave a nice review.



I'm a Cannabis Supporter: It's a plant, it helps and I believe in it's benefits. I am studying leadership in the Cannabis Industry as part of my doctoral program. Let's debate.

Next Steps...

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