Personal Coaching

You want to live and optimal life, we want to help you create it. We work with you to create a personalized coaching program to fit your needs and budget.

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Business Engagement

What is it your business wants to create? More productivity, more innovation, more employee engagement, more balanced work and personal lives, more critical thinking...we have workshops and experiences to help.

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Self paced products

Guides, self study courses, books, and series all designed for the self motivated and wiling to engage.  Explore your development journey any way you like.

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The Only Limit is You

No Limits Life is about living dangerously, releasing limits to embrace life, to be YOU.  The life you want, the life you crave, the life you keep saying “someday” about. The business shifts you need, the opportunities you want to create, wait no longer.

Now is someday, right now.  Take the leap.

The Art of Living Dangerously Life and Leadership Model was created here.  Dangerous because to embrace the authentic can feel that way.  Designed to support the complexity of the real life you are living and leading in.  It is built on pillars of practical, spiritual and leadership research ready to go to work in your life to reveal the most powerful set of actions you can take next to create that life or business you want.

Founder Jennifer Murphy is a military veteran, experienced corporate leader and entrepreneur with a variety of experience.  She has worked in an office, a power generation plant, an embassy and the middle of war torn countries.  She has weathered two divorces and successfully navigated into a strong co-parenting relationship for her soccer playing son. Leading teams of 3 to 350, working across global organizations, mitigating crisis and innovating solutions, Jennifer's understanding of design thinking - the power to work in the now, plan for the future and always remember the human dynamic is here to help you create the best version of your life and your work.


Next Steps...

Claim your Design Session now. 45 minutes of reviewing your current needs and actions you can take to determine if working with No Limits Life Institute is the right next step for you.